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6/2014 Stuntmen Peter Kent & Nathaniel Arcand

6/2014 Nathaniel Arcand - That's Alright Mama

4/2014  After 15 years of being a professional stuntman for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Kent is taking his show on the road with Edmonton-area-born friend Nathaniel Arcand.

Schwarzenegger stuntman to hit Edmonton

4/2014  20 Questions with actor Nathaniel Arcand, who starred in the Canadian drama series North of 60, and Heartland.

20 Questions with actor Nathaniel Arcand

11/2013  Two  photos  of Nathaniel added  on the up close page.

Close Up

02/2013 A short bio for Nathaniel. Two Indians Talking.

Two Indians Talking

10/2012 Blackstone’s Ultimate Fan with Nathaniel Arcand – 1
"Interview with Nathaniel Arcand"


10/2012 Blackstone’s Ultimate Fan with Nathaniel Arcand – 2


10/2012 Nathaniel Arcand on Culture

Pow Wows

2/2012 Nathaniel Arcand's Advice for Young People.

Nathaniel Arcand Youtube

1/2012 APTN’s Rez Drama Blackstone Returns


1/2012 New stories, New faces, New look: BlackStone season 2 premieres January 11


12/2011 Nathaniel Arcand images @ Allstarpics. They even provide codes for the images & backgrounds to share on the web.

10/2011 "Two Indians Talking"
Nathan, played by Nathaniel Arcand, is a high school dropout whose dreams have been consistently crushed in his endurance of the past 20 years

Suny Cortland

10/2011 36th annual American Indian Film Festival in S.F.
with the U.S. premiere of Darlene Naponse's "Every Emotion Counts," a Canadian drama starring Tantoo Cardinal and Nathaniel Arcand in a story of a woman's return home to the reservation.


8/2011 Win a chance to act in TV’s Blackstone. Nathaniel Arcand and Eric Schweig, stars of the TV series, Blackstone.

Tv series Blackstone

8/2011 Nathaniel Arcand, in  Two Indians talking.

Two Indians Talking

8/2011 North of Sixty Behind the Scenes: Nathanial's Scene.

North of Sixty video

4/2011 Fact Meets Fiction in 'Blackstone' Cliffhanger. Blackstone stars Carmen Moore (Flash Gordon), Eric Schweig, Michelle Thrush (Moccasin Flats), Nathaniel Arcand, Gordon Tootoosis and Andrea Menard.

The Hollywood Reporter

4/2011 Morinville Chamber preparing for historic trade show. The Alexander contribution continues with First Nation singers, dancers and drummers and the appearance of actor Nathaniel Arcand throughout the weekend.

Morinville News

9/2010 An  interview  with Nathaniel. By KATHY LE

5 minutes with: Nathaniel Arcand

6/2010 New photos of Nathaniel, in Montana Sky. on the new photo page.

5/2010 Did you hear the one about the first nations'comedy. Also a picture with Nathaniel and other actors.

The Vancouver

3/2010 Actor Nathaniel Arcand. ImagineNative- Festival Closing Night Awards. Toronto, Canada
A picture of Nathaniel.



12/2009 Think Indian, Thinkndn Radio. The founder and producer of Thinkndn Radio is the noted "Suzette Amaya" The BEST BC Aboriginal Radio Show! Promoting Aboriginal Artists in Hip Hop Rock Traditional, Contemporary Music, Fashion, and more... Nathaniel Arcand and friend Dakota House are supporters.

Thinkndn Radio 102.7fm

Thinkndn 102.7fm on Facebook

Suzette Amaya Myspace

10/2009 Nathaniel is a good singer.

"Dark of the Bay" sang by actor Nathaniel Arcand

10/2009 BT Guys Native Calendar. Nathaniel Arcand is in it.The site below isn't completed.

2010 BT Guys Native Calendar.

10/2009 Calling all fans of Nathaniel Arcand,Adam Beach, Jennifer Podemski,Gary Farmer and Michelle Latimer! Come check out the only official MOOSE TV group on Facebook.

Official news, cast photos and more here and only here.

Moose TV: The Official Facebook group

10/2009 Join host,Tantoo Cardinal (Dances With Wolves),as she explodes the myths and traces the tragedy and triumph of being a Canadian Aboriginal on screen in the one-hour documentary Dream Makers.
I also have a link to Nathaniel's interview on home page.

Interview with Nathaniel Arcand.

Dream Makers Website

8/2009 Dream catcher:This week the Winnipeg-based Aboriginal Peoples Television Network celebrates a decade on the air linking First Nations from coast to coast

Winnipeg Free Press

8/2009 Sharing Indigenous Economic Development Practices.
Young people have a voice in economic development! That’s the message famed Métis actor Nathanial Arcand.

Gathering for Success

8/2009 Victor Merasty played by NATHANIEL ARCAND

Blackstone Productions Website

7/2009 Daniel's Cinema Studios present Nathaniel Arcand-Anime

Nathaniel Arcand-Music Video 3

Nathaniel Arcand-Music Video 4

6/2009 HeartLand has a new home on the web.

HeartLand's new website

6/2009 Visit the HeartLand website: Nathaniel plays "Scott Cardinal" a veterinarian.

HeartLand Website

6/2009 More modeling photos of Nathaniel on Flickr by Edmonton-all's Photostream.

Edmonton-all's Photostream.Nathaniel's modeling photos.

6/2009  One of the highlights of the art exhibition will be the unveiling of Spirit Brother, Olson's new portrait of Canadian Native actor Nathaniel Arcand, who plays Scott Cardinal on TV's Heartland, which is filmed in Alberta.

Calgary Sun

6/2009  Native Threads Profile: Nathaniel Arcand

NativeTheads-Nathaniel Arcand

5/2009 I have added a new page with photos of "PathFinder."

PathFinder photos

2/2009 Links to film clips about MooseTv. Nathaniel and Adam Beach, with other talented actors.

moose tv - episode one part one

moose tv - episode one part two

moose tv - episode one part three

1/2009 Fans can bid on a 8x10 photo of Nathaniel Arcand and Shaun Johnston; starting bid  $19.95, or the price to buy it is $29. 99.
On Ebay.

Nathaniel Arcand on Ebay

1/2009 Edmonton-all's photostream: modeling  Nathaniel Arcand.

Nathaniel Arcand Modeling photos

 1/2009 Quotable Nathaniel Arcand, "You get out of life what you put into it."

Nathaniel Arcand Conference Speaker.

12/2008 Nathaniel, plays as Scott Cardinal  In  "HeartLand"

HeartLand Website

12/2008 I've had  fans of Nathaniel asking me who made  these film clips. That I had found on YouTube. He calls himself "DanteChoice20"
Here is a link to his site on YouTube.


6/2008  These film clips  are created by  Nathaniel's fans

Nathaniel Arcand Film clips

6/2008  Painful memories : Cold Lake native recalls Hobbema school experience as PM apologizes. Local actor Nathaniel Arcand also watched the apology.

Edmonton Sun

6/2008 Dakota House, founder of "Going Miles" its designed to empower Native youth.

Going Miles Website

10/2007 Moose Tv  Episode Guide: It has photos from the show, behind the scenes, clips from Moose Tv and cast. Nathaniel is in it.

MooseTV Episode Guide

10/2007 Click on the link below for the Moose TV website. 

Moose TV

8/2007  Articles: MooseTV: Wry and gentle, homegrown Moose TV is a delight to watch.

8/2007  A bio of Nathaniel Arcand on the MooseTv  website. Nathaniel, plays "Clifford  Mathew."

MooseTv Website

8/2007  PathFinder, is now out on DVD.

5/2007 Spotlight : Nathaniel Arcand can dance

4/2007  Pathfinder: Article
B.C. Visual Effects Company  Behind  Pathfinder.

8/2006  Johnny Tootall: is now available on DVD. Prices for personal use, this also includes shipping.USA: $28.00  Canada: $31.00
For more details click on the link :

7/2006  Nathaniel, plays Georgee, in the televion comedy series, "Northern Town."   Check back for more detail.

6/2006  The comedy sitcom "Moose Tv" is currently shooting in and around  Montreal.  Nathaniel said, "This show is anything but any of those other native shows that ever been out there, this show is totally different, thats why Adam and I are here. Shows like North of 60 were always showing the serious side of things. This show doesn't pick on social issues. Its just about human nature the things we do in human life."

6/2006  Filming has started on the aboriginal TV comedy Moose TV, which will be broadcast on Showcase early in 2007.  Rezolution Films International, an aboriginal-owned film.

6/2006 I have added 10 television captures of Nathaniel, on the photo album site. Television captures were taken from the film "CLAWED: The Legend of Sasquatch". Nathaniel played, Ranger John Eagleheart.

5/2006  Publicity Stills from the film  "CleanFight" Nathaniel stars as "Trevor."

1/2006 Nathaniel Arcand , Adam Beach , Alex Rice, and Sheila Tousey in "Johnny TooTall."  A film by Shirley Cheechoo.
Dr. Shirley Cheechoo has won numerous honors and awards for her films. Her work has been seen in many festivals around the world.
An official website for the film "Johnny TooTall."

9/2005  Update! I have uploaded 8 television captures on the new photo page. Television captures came from the film "Black Cloud."  Nathaniel played, Jimmy,

Click on Link for Nathaniel Arcand Photos

9/2005 Update! I've uploaded 5 photos on the second new photo page, photos are from the film "Black Cloud."

9/2005 Film crews wrapped up shooting for their half-hour television pilot 'Clean Fight' on Wednesday. Nathaniel is playing Trevor a kick boxer.

Clean Fight

8/2005 Nathaniel a guest at Gatecon Convention.

Gatecon Convention

8/2005  Update! I've uploaded a television capture of Nathaniel in Ginger Snaps. On the second new photo page.

8/2005  Update! I have uploaded 5 television captures of "Into The West" and "Little House on the Parire". On the first new photo page.  A special thanks to J.C for  these photos.

12/2004  Nathaniel is playing Brings Horse in this tv mini series. "Into The West". 2005
Check back for updates.

12/2004 "Elektra" Nathaniel is playing a Ninja, in theatres January 14. 2005.  According to the Elektra website.

11/2004 Nathaniel is in an up coming movie called "Cherry English" coming on CBC in 2004.

2/2004  Two new photos of Nathaniel has been uploaded, on the first new photo page. Nathaniel is in the Male Contemparary Calendar 2004, Native Reflections.

10/2003 A new photo uploaded in, Nathaniel's new photo album. Click on the link below

6/2003 : Bigfoot, The Unknown Territory, Nathaniel plays a local Indian and park ranger. See filmography for more details


5/2003 Nathaniel plays as Jimmy in a upcoming film entitled "Black Cloud." It deals with the struggles of a Native boxer, while making it to the Olympics. Produced by Rickey Schroder.

5/2003: Nathaniel is filming a horror movie  "Ginger Snaps:Prequel.It's being filmed in his home town, Edmonton Alberta Canada.

5/2003: "DreamKeeper" The four hour miniseries, has been re-scheduled to December 28 and 29,2003 at 9-11pm. Nathaniel's youngest son Griffin, has a speaking role in the miniseries. He plays as Thunderboy. On ABC


Hallmark's Website: DreamKeeper

1/2003:"The Lone Ranger" (western) will air as a two hour movie, on the WB Feb 26,2003. The leading actors are, Nathaniel Arcand (Tonto) and Chad Murray (Lone Ranger)

Nathaniel is a Guest on the Canadian television show "Buffalo Tracks." New photos from the show has been uploaded to the new photo page.


You can link to Nathaniel's appearance in the, Crazy Cree segment, that is on the  "Bufflo Tracks" website.

Buffalo Tracks Official Website

Patty Winter's interview with Nathaniel on the set of, North Of 60. He was there to wish his friend "Dakota House" good luck on the up coming North Of 60 Movie, "Another Country"

Patty Winter's North Of 60 Website