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Nathaniel Arcand

Birthday: November 13, 1971

Height: 5'11


Pathfinder: "Wind in Tree"
The film centers on a boy left behind by the Norsemen. The child is raised by American Indians. 15 years later the Norsemen return slaughtering the tribe that adopted him. 2006

Elektra: Ninja#1
If looks could kill. In an ancient battle between good and evil. Nathaniel is playing  Ninja#1, a starring role. 2005

BIGFOOT, The Unknown Territory : "John Eagleheart"
Is it a bear, bad men, or bigfoot responsible for the slaughters, only those who servive will know. Nathaniel plays, a park ranger. Thriller 2004

From Cherry English: "Traylor"
After an encounter with a mysterious blonde, Traylor is caught in a jarring tug-of-war between two different worlds. 2005

Black Cloud : "Jimmy"
This film focuses on a young Native American boxer. It deals with racism, relationships, and his heritage and goals, while making it to the Olympics. Drama 2003

Ginger Snaps (GS3): "Hunter"
A horror film ( Werewolves ) set in the 1800s. Nathaniel plays as a werewolf hunter. 2003

Skins: "Mogie" Mogie was a football hero in high school, then he joins the marines. Nathaniel played the young "Mogie"and Graham Greene played the older"Mogie".The New Chris Eyre Movie,it will open in theaters late summer or early fall 2003. Runing Time: 84 mins

Virtual Insanity: "Daniel" 
Daniel is a young web designer, who returns to his home town after being absence for two years, with his fiancee. When the couple arrives they find that the town is completly deserted...2001
Nathaniel portrays "Daniel"  a lead role
Short Film

American Outlaws: "Comanche Tom"
In this fun and light hearted western, the James-Younger gang learn they have to protect their homes from the advances of the railroad. After returning home from fighting in the war...2001
Nathaniel portrays "Comanche Tom" a member of the James-Younger gang...
A supporting role

GreyOwl: "Ned White Bear"
This film is based on a true story about a British man named "Archibald Beloney" He grew up fascinated with, Native American Culture, that he left the United Kingdom for Canada. He lived in the wild as a North American Indian trapper. Then later turn from trapper to environmentalist. Ned White Bear is GreyOwl's adoped brother and friend....1999
Nathaniel portrayed, Ned White Bear...A supporting role...opposite of "Pierce Brosnan. Runing Time 117 mins.

Speaking of Sex: "Calvin"
This film is about a depression expert, who teams up with a marriage counselor to help save a couple's marriage. Nathaniel plays the motel manger...2001

Doe Boy: "Junior"
This film centers around a boy who is half Cherokee, how he deals with his illness, in a blood obsessed culture. He suffers from hemophilia...2000    Runing Time: 85 min

Chasing Indigo: "Tom"
Nathaniel plays a hitch-hiker, who is picked up by two women following the "Indigo Girls concert tour, across the United States.....1999

My Brother: "Billy"
It's about two boys ( brothers ) who were placed in a social service system, and how it affected their lives.
Short film...1999

Legend of Two Path: "Wanchese"
This film explores the arrival of the English, on Roanoke Island  on the North Carolina's outer banks. From the Indians perspected, this film can only be seem by visiting the, Roanoke Island Festival Park.
Docu_drama: Made by a film school in, North Carolina...1998

Crazy Horse..."Little Hawk"
Crazy Horse was a worrior, who tried to preserve the culture of his people.
Little Hawk( Nathaniel Arcand ) was  Crazy Horse's ( Michael Greyeyes ) younger brother... Based on a true story....1996 TNT

Stone Coats... "Lil Crow
It's centers around a gang of teenagers living in the streets. This film has not been released , because of funding.

Savage Land...."Tree Climber"
Stage coach robbers trying to disguise themselves as Indians...1994. Adventure  98 mins


Heartland: Scott Cardinal (12 episodes, 2007-2008
Coming Together (2008) TV episode .... Scott Cardinal
Nothing Endures (2008) TV episode .... Scott Cardinal
Thicker Than Water (2008) TV episode .... Scott Cardinal
Born to Run (2008) TV episode .... Scott Cardinal
Ghost from the Past (2008) TV episode .... Scott Cardinal
Coming Home (14 October 2007) - Scott Cardinal 
After the Storm (21 October 2007) - Scott Cardinal  Breaking Free (28 October 2007) - Scott Cardinal 
Best Laid Plans (2 December 2007) - Scott Cardinal 
One Trick Pony (9 December 2007) - Scott Cardinal 
Come What May (6 January 2008) - Scott Cardinal 
Out of the Darkness (13 January 2008) - Scott Cardinal  Ghost from the Past (20 January 2008) - Scott Cardinal  Born to Run (3 February 2008) - Scott Cardinal 
Thicker Than Water (10 February 2008) - Scott Cardinal  Nothing Endures (17 February 2008) - Scott Cardinal  Coming Together (16 August 2008) - Scott Cardinal 

Northern Town: "Georgee"
During a cold spell in mid-January, near a small town in northern Canada, a meteorite flashes across the sky, explodes in the atmosphere, and falls onto the ice of a nearby lake. Comedy television series  2006.

Moose Tv:  "Clifford"
Clifford, is helping his pal George (Adam Beach) run the station,after George returns to his hometown, and breaks into the town's  abandoned television station.The sitcom is
about what happens in a isolated former mining town,when the television station goes into action. 2007
Birth of a Station (2007) TV episode .... Clifford Mathew
Jack Platt (2007) TV episode .... Clifford Mathew
Soap Opera (2007) TV episode .... Clifford Mathew
Foreign Film (2007) TV episode .... Clifford Mathew
Technical Difficulties (2007) TV episode .... Clifford Mathew
Ernie Makes a Drum (5 July 2007) - Clifford Mathew 
Well, What Do You Know? (12 July 2007) - Clifford Mathew 
Surviving Moose (19 July 2007) - Clifford Mathew 

Clean Fight  "Trevor"
Trevor has lost his kick boxing title after suffering a diabetic shock and vows to return to the top of his sport.

Johnny Tootall:
Discharged from Bosnian war, Johnny carries the weight of this war on his shoulders. He left the war with a dark and frightening secret. 2005

Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story: "Paramedic"
Oct16, 1991 Walter suffered a brain aneurysm that basically wiped out his memory. Lying in his hospital bed, Walter wakes up for the first time, with blurry vision, confusion and flashbacks that seems real. 2005
On CBC, a two hour drama.

Davinci's  City Hall: "Cage"
Episode 3: Isn't Very Pretty But You Can Smoke It
Episode 4: One Man, Two Jobs
Episode 5: Put Down the Hose, Pick Up a Gun
Season 1   2005

Into The West : "Brings Horse"
Western mini series. 2005

Smallville: "Talisman"
In this episode Nathaniel plays Jeremiah Holdsclaw. 2004

Naked Josh : "Cute Gay Guy"
In episode "Celibacy".  2004

DreamKeeper: "Broken Lance"
The legends of the Lakota come to life in this new mini series from Hallmark
Old Pete Chasing Horse ( Grandpa ) is the storyteller of  Pine Ridge Reservation, it's Grandpa's duty to share the legend of his people. Shane Chasing Horse ( age 16 ) a member of a Native American street gang. At the Mother's request Shane has been given a chance to prove himself worthy of his heritage, by delivering Grandpa to the All Nations ceremony in New Mexico. Shane and  Grandpa are about to face on a journey that will change both their lives.

Wildfire7: The Inferno:2002
Nathaniel plays as "Red" a firefighter in this action movie.
Runing Time: 1hr 37mins

Davinci's Inquest: "Vern Walker"
God forbid we call it what it is.
Drama 44mins 2003.

The Lone Ranger: "Tonto"
The story takes place in the 19th century, Chad Murry ( Lone Ranger ) plays as a 20 year old law student ( Luke Hartman ) who was wounded in a ambush, while witnessing his brother's murder ( a texas ranger ) Rescued by Tonto an Apache ( Nathaniel Arcand ) the two becomes friends and sets out to right wrong. Nathaniel co-stars in this two hr updated classic. 2003 WB

100 Days in the Jungle: "A  Navajo from Utah"
This Canadian story dramatizes the real-life survival of ordinary men caught in an extraordinary situation. September 11, 1999 while working on a pipeline in Ecuador, eight oil workers including seven Canadians, was violently abducted by a band of Columbian guerillas. Held for an 100 days in the jungle, hostages struggle for survival in harsh and terrifying conditions in the Amazon Jungle. Two-hour drama, based on a true story. Nathaniel played the American hostage. It was filmed in, Costa Rica for CTV

Before We Ruled the Earth: Gll-AAK
An odyssey of evolution bringing the past to life. How did the early human's provide and protect themselves, and their families. From Homo Ergaster in Affica 1.7 million years ago, to Paleo Indiains living in North America 11,000 years ago. 2002

Jermiah: "Shashona"...Episode..."Man  of Iron, Woman Under Glass"
Nathaniel plays a borned again Indian, who goes back to the natural ways.
With "Malcolm Jamal Warner"  "Luke Perry"
It's "J. Michael Straczynski new series on Showtime.

Caitlin's Way: "Deputy Garth Crowchild"
Caitlin has been an orphane every since the age of  8, being shuffled  to different foster homes, she was forced to grow up fast, and she had to learn how to survive on the streets of Philadelphia. After being caugh by the law, she was given the choice to live with family in Montana or going to jail. Nathaniel played the deputy. He was on the first season they asked him to come back on the second season, but he was working on something else. Aired on Nickelodeon in the United States, YTV  in Canada.

Grandpa and Me: "Grandpa"
Nathaniel and Dakota is together again in this short film about a teen named "Charlie Whitehorse" who feels guilty over his parents seperation. His father moves to the city, and  he wonders if it was his fault. Grandpa  comes back to help Charlie deal with it, ( Grandpa steps through a mirror and he is young again ) Episode 15 min

Due South: "David"  Episode..."The   Mask"
Aboriginal mask is stolen from a museum. David ( Nathaniel Arcand ) and Eric ( Rodney Grant " are suspects....1996

North Of 60: "William MacNeil"
William, lived in a small town called "Lynx River" it is located in the Northwest territories of Canada.He was one of the town's bad boys. Smart mouth, cockey and sometimes he came across as a missunderstood teen. William worked for Albert Golo the town's racketeer and boot legger. He tries to take over Albert's business. The series was aired for 6 seasons 1992-1998. Nathaniel portrayed William MacNeil For three seasons.